How We Work

AHI Brokerage Inc. has been providing insurance solutions to corporations, sole proprietors, independent contractors and individuals since 1993 and currently operates out of offices in New York and North Carolina. As group benefits consultants, we specialize in group health insurance, life insurance, dental and vision coverage, group DBL and state mandated DBL. For individuals we provide guidance and expertise for Medicare and Medicare supplements, individual health insurance, life insurance, and dental & vision plans.

A broker represents their clients' best interests. Part of our duty is to understand the situation, needs and requirements of our clients to find the best insurance policy within their budget. Choosing the right insurance plan can be complicated and without the guidance of an experienced agent, you may not land the optimal price and coverage. We help our clients navigate the subtle differences between insurance plans to identify the ideal coverage for their budget. Best of all, our expertise won't cost you a penny.

In addition to connecting our clients to the right policy, we continue to serve them throughout the year. We provide consulting services to help determine whether or not policies should be changed, provide assistance with compliance, help with submitting claims, enrollments, terminations and answer your benefit or billing questions. As an AHI client, you will never have to call the insurance company again - just call us. We've got you covered.

Our Agents

Our agents are insurance industry experts with decades of experience.
We're ready to work on your behalf as an advisor and advocate to manage your policies from start to finish.

Trevor Serraro

Trevor Serraro Linkedin

President / Agent

Trevor Serraro has worked at About Health Insurance Brokerage Inc. since 2005 and was promoted to President in 2015. He specializes in group benefits for small and large organizations and individual coverages for sole proprietors. His expertise includes group health, group life, group DBL, State Mandated DBL, group dental and vision, Medicare and Medicare supplement, and individual health, life, dental and vision plans.

Trevor is an active participant in the communities he lives and works in, and is a member of the Lions Club and Chamber of Commerce where he served as a board member. He is also a co-founder, Board Member and Vice President of the The Patrick Casabona Jr. Memorial Fund, a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization created in 2008 to enhance education in local communities through scholarships, donations, and community service. Please visit to learn more.

Trevor was an NCAA Division I student athlete at the University at Albany where he was a 4-year starting goalkeeper for the Great Danes men's soccer team. His dedication as an athlete and teammate is still evident in his relationships with clients today.

For a Free Quote contact Trevor at (914) 277-8600

Chris Serraro

Chris Serraro Linkedin

Founder / Agent

Chris Serraro has worked in the insurance industry for nearly 30 years. He started his own business in 1993, and after being incorprated in 2000, About Health Insurance Brokerage Inc. has since gone on to serve clients in NY, NJ, CT, MD, TX and NC. His clientel consists of large and small businesses, sole proprietors, independent contractors and individuals. Chris is currently focusing on our clients' Medicare needs.

From group health, group life, group DBL, State Mandated DBL and group dental or vision we have you covered. Medicare and Medicare supplement, individual health insurance, individual life insurance, dental, vision and wellness benefits are also available through About Health Insurance Brokerage Inc.

For a Free Quote contact Chris at (914) 277-8600